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Decouvrez cette annonce : Will bring Meghana to police stn, cops assure crowd seeking justice | Goa News

Ce texte ayant pour thème « la justice » circule sur internet, nous avons voulu vous le communiquer ci-dessous.

Son titre troublant (Will bring Meghana to police stn, cops assure crowd seeking justice | Goa News) est sans détour.

Sachez que l’auteur (annoncé sous le nom d’anonymat
) est connu et fiable.

Les informations publiées sont de ce fait considérées conformes.

La date de parution est 2023-08-08 20:58:00.

Voici lle « papier » mentionné :

PANAJI: Hundreds of people gathered at the Mardol police station on Tuesday evening to demand the arrest of the woman who was in the Mercedes-Benz SUV that killed three persons in Banastarim on Sunday.

Ponda deputy SP Ashish Shirodkar told the people that it was Paresh Sawardekar who was driving the car, and not his wife Meghana. « However, since the people were not ready to listen, I have assured them that I will bring the car owner Meghana to the police station by Wednesday noon, » Shirodkar, who took a volley of questions from the public, which included activists, politicians, and others, told TOI.
Cumbharjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai said that police told him that they would arrest the woman by Wednesday. « We have given them time till tomorrow to arrest the woman, » said Faldessai, a BJP MLA who alleged that the police are « hand in glove with the accused ».

Faldessai, North Goa zilla panchayat chairperson Siddesh Naik, as well as functionaries of other political parties, along with the public, questioned police as to how Paresh Sawardekar and his wife Meghana exchanged seats when the right-side door of their car was damaged.
Public: Woman was unable to stand, how could she move to another seat?
Police told us that the woman exchanged seats. We will not keep quiet until the victims get justice,” Faldessai said. He also assured the people that the culprit in the case will be punished.
Outside the police station, the people shouted, “We want justice”. Mardol police is investigating the case.
“The woman in the driver’s seat should be arrested and needs to be investigated,” said Naik, who is the son of North Goa MP and Union minister of state for tourism, Shripad Naik. “We have put this demand on behalf of the people of Divar and the people of Goa.” The Phadte couple who were killed in the acci dent were from Divar.
One of the group’s leaders, activist Rama Kankonkar, said that even 50 hours after the accident, when they asked police if the woman’s medical examination was done, they said that she had left the spot. “When an accident takes place… the airbags open. The woman was not able to stand, how could she (move to) another seat?” Kankonkar also said that police said that Sawardekar was traced at Marcel, where they picked him up.
“All the people gathered at the police station got a clear message from the cops that the case has been filed to compromise,” said Kankonkar, who added that the police told them that they have checked the CCTV footage from Khandepar to Banastarim, and it was found that the SUV was driven by Paresh.
“We need to start our own investigation by checking the CCTV footage,” Kankonkar said, adding that “police asked us to get eyewitness”. “When there was a woman and a man inside the car, why didn’t the police arrest the woman,” he asked. Kankonkar said that when both persons in the car were under the influence of alcohol, police should have conducted their medical examination, but they only did so for the man, and kept the woman safe.
“Yesterday, all day, when we asked the police where the woman was, they said they were not aware,” said Kankonkar. “It has now become well known that the woman is a relative of a politician, and we think that the police are working to safeguard her.”
Kankonkar also said that when he asked police whether the woman’s phone was traced, police had no answer. “If they want to safeguard the people, they will come to know who called whom,” he said.

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